I3C Bus Communication

The I3C Target module can be connected to a Legacy I2C Bus or an I3C Bus. The module can act as an I2C Target using static address in the I3CxSADR register until it is assigned a dynamic address by an I3C Controller.

The Target can participate in the following types of transactions on the bus:

  1. 1.Broadcast Common Command Code (CCC) Write
  2. 2.Direct CCC Read/Write
  3. 3.Private Read/Write
  4. 4.Hot-Join Request
  5. 5.In-Band Interrupt Request
  6. 6.Legacy I2C Read/Write

The I3C Target module follows the typical SDR bus communication flow as outlined below in Figure 1.

Figure 1. I3C® Target Bus Communication Flowchart