Run Status Flag

In all modes of operation, the RUN status bit in the TUxyCON1 register is set whenever the counter/timer is Active (after a Start event, but before a Stop condition). The RUN bit will remain set through a Reset condition(1). Note that the RUN status bit is synchronous to the counter/timer clock and updates may be delayed. Refer to the Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Operation section for details about clock synchronization.
  1. 1.The RUN bit is held at zero if a Start has occurred (the counter is “running”), but ERS is holding the counter at the value zero when RESET = ‘b01 (level-triggered).
  2. 2.The RUN status bit lags the internal Run/Stop state by two to three instruction cycles. If Start and Stop occur rapidly in succession, the RUN bit may not be set at all.