Bus Characteristics

  1. 1.This is a hard-coded read-only bit. This module only supports Target mode, so the BCR[7:6] bits will always read 0b00.
  2. 2.This is a hard-coded read-only bit. This device has other communication peripherals outside of I3C making it a bridge-capable device, so the BCR4 bit will always read ‘1’.
  3. 3.This is a hard-coded read-only bit. This Target module can be turned off or disabled, so the BCR3 bit will always read ‘1’.
  4. 4.This is a hard-coded read-only bit. This Target module supports In-Band Interrupt requests with Mandatory Data Byte and additional payload, so both the BCR2 and BCR1 bits will always read ‘1’. Refer to section IBI Payload and Mandatory Data Byte for details.
  5. 5.Depending on the application requirements by the user, this device can or cannot be speed limited. The user must set BCR0 bit accordingly. Refer to section Speed Limitations for details.
  6. 6.When BCR0 = 1, the Controller is required to query the Target for speed limitation details using the GETMXDS CCC.
  7. 7.This register follows the definition of Bus Characteristics Register format as per the MIPI I3C Basic 1.0 Specification. Refer to section I3C Characteristics Registers for details.
0x0A7, 0x0D8 8     1index x


Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
  BCR[7:6] BCR5 BCR4 BCR3 BCR2 BCR1 BCR0  
Access  R R R R R R R R/W  
Reset  0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0  

Bits 7:6 – BCR[7:6]: Device Role(1)

Device Role(1)

11 Reserved by MIPI
10 Reserved by MIPI
01 I3C Controller
00 I3C Target (Always selected)

Bit 5 – BCR5: MIPI Reserved (Always read as 0)

MIPI Reserved (Always read as 0)

Bit 4 – BCR4: Bridge Identifier(2)

Bridge Identifier(2)

1 Device is a Bridge Device (Always selected)
0 Device is not a Bridge Device

Bit 3 – BCR3: Offline Capable(3)

Offline Capable(3)

1 Device will not always respond to I3C Bus commands (Always selected)
0 Device will always respond to I3C Bus commands

Bit 2 – BCR2: IBI Payload(4)

IBI Payload(4)

1 One (the Mandatory Data Byte) or more bytes follow an accepted IBI (Always selected)
0 No data byte follows the accepted IBI

Bit 1 – BCR1: IBI Request Capable(4)

IBI Request Capable(4)

1 Device is capable of IBI Request (Always selected)
0 Device is not capable of IBI Request

Bit 0 – BCR0: Maximum Data Speed Limitation(5, 6)

Maximum Data Speed Limitation(5, 6)

1 Data speed is limited
0 Data speed is not limited