UART General Interrupt Flag Register
  0x1C0,0x1D4 8   1,2 x


Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
  WUIF ABDIF       ABDIE      
Access  R/W/S R/W/S       R/W      
Reset  0 0       0      

Bit 7 – WUIF: Wake-Up Interrupt

Wake-Up Interrupt

1 Idle to non-Idle transition on RX line detected when WUE is set. Also sets UxIF. (WUIF must be cleared by software to clear UxIF)
0 WUE not enabled by software or no transition detected

Bit 6 – ABDIF: Auto-Baud Detect Interrupt

Auto-Baud Detect Interrupt

1 Auto-baud detection complete. Status shown in UxIF when ABDIE is set. (Must be cleared by software)
0 Auto-baud not enabled or auto-baud enabled and auto-baud detection not complete

Bit 2 – ABDIE: Auto-Baud Detect Interrupt Enable

Auto-Baud Detect Interrupt Enable

1 ABDIF will set the UxIF bit in the PIRx register
0 ABDIF will not set UxIF