VPORT – Virtual Port

The Virtual Port module allows for interconnection of multiple peripherals internal to a device without the need for an external I/O pin. A device may contain multiple Virtual Ports, each Virtual Port consisting of eight virtual pins that are represented by eight bits similar to regular device ports.

This module can be used as a high-level input selection multiplexer for the entire device, which can connect the output of digital peripherals into the inputs of other peripherals internally without using any external I/O pins. Using the Virtual Port to connect peripherals in this manner allows the user to connect multiple core independent peripherals on the device to form hardware-based state machines.

In addition to the input selection multiplexers, this module also offers a flip-flop for each virtual pin to latch the output value. The flip-flop may be bypassed to connect the output of one peripheral directly to the input of another. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of a typical Virtual Port.

The Virtual Port module offers many different features such as:
  1. 1.There is one Virtual Port available on this device – PORTW.
Figure 1. Virtual Port Module Block Diagram