Indexed Addressing with Literal Offset

Enabling the PIC18 extended instruction set changes the behavior of Indirect Addressing using the FSR2 register pair within Access RAM. Under the proper conditions, instructions that use the Access Bank – that is, most bit-oriented and byte-oriented instructions – can invoke a form of Indexed Addressing using an offset specified in the instruction. This special Addressing mode is known as Indexed Addressing with Literal Offset, or Indexed Literal Offset mode.

When using the extended instruction set, this Addressing mode requires the following:

Under these conditions, the file address of the instruction is not interpreted as the lower byte of an address (used with the BSR in Direct Addressing), or as an 8-bit address in the Access Bank. Instead, the value is interpreted as an offset value to an Address Pointer, specified by FSR2. The offset and the contents of FSR2 are added to obtain the target address of the operation.