Device Configuration Information

The Device Configuration Information (DCI) is a dedicated region in the program memory mapped from 3C0000h to 3C0009h. The data stored in these location is read-only and cannot be erased. Refer to the table below for the complete DCI table address and description. The DCI holds information about the device, which is useful for programming and Bootloader applications.

The erase size is the minimum erasable unit in the PFM, expressed as rows. The total device Flash memory capacity is (Erase size * Number of user-erasable pages).

Table 1. Device Configuration Information for PIC18FxxQ20 Devices
Address Name Description Value Units
PIC18F04/14Q20 PIC18F05/15Q20 PIC18F06/16Q20
3C 0000h ERSIZ Erase page size 128 Words
3C 0002h WLSIZ Number of write latches per row 0 Words
3C 0004h URSIZ Number of user-erasable pages 128 256 512 Pages
3C 0006h EESIZ Data EEPROM memory size 256 Bytes
3C 0008h PCNT Pin count 14/20 14/20 14/20 Pins