Error Type TE5

Error Type TE5 occurs when the Target receives an illegally formatted CCC or an unsupported CCC from the Controller. The Target detects this error by monitoring the frame format during the CCC transfer. An example of an illegally formatted CCC would be if the Target receives a Dynamic Address/W during GETBCR CCC when it would expect to receive a Dynamic Address/R. The TE5ERR bit and the BUSEIF Bus Error Interrupt Flag are set upon successful detection of TE5 type error. Once set, the TE5ERR and BUSEIF bits will not self-clear. The user must clear them in software to re-arm the functionality of each bit individually.

The Target recovers from this error by generating a NACK (after the Dynamic Address) and then waits for the next Stop or Restart condition. The Target retains the CCC state until the end of the CCC command.