Initialize the MVIO in Dual Supply configuration by following these steps:

  1. 1.Set the VDDIOxMD bit in the appropriate configuration register to select the Dual Supply mode.
  2. 2.Optional: Enable the VDDIOx Interrupt by setting the VDDIOxIE bit in the appropriate PIEx register.
  3. 3.Read the VDDIOxRDY bit in the MVIOSTAT status register to check if the VDDIOx voltage is within the acceptable range of operation.
  4. 4.Configure and use the PORT pins powered by VDDIOx as usual.

If the VDDIOxMD configuration bit is programmed to the Single Supply mode, the VDDIOxRDY status bit is read as ‘0’, and the VDDIOxIF Interrupt flag in the PIRx register is read as ‘0’.