Mapping the Access Bank in Indexed Literal Offset Mode

The use of Indexed Literal Offset Addressing mode effectively changes how the first 96 locations of Access RAM (00h to 5Fh) are mapped. Rather than containing just the contents of the top section of Bank 5, this mode maps the contents from a user defined “window” that can be located anywhere in the data memory space. The value of FSR2 establishes the lower boundary of the addresses mapped into the window, while the upper boundary is defined by FSR2 plus 95 (5Fh). Addresses in the Access RAM above 5Fh are mapped as previously described (see the Access Bank section). An example of Access Bank remapping in this Addressing mode is shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. Remapping the Access Bank with Indexed Literal Offset Addressing

Remapping of the Access Bank applies only to operations using the Indexed Literal Offset mode. Operations that use the BSR (Access RAM bit is ‘1’) will continue to use Direct Addressing as before.