DMA Addressing

The start addresses for the source read and destination write operations are set using the DMAnSSA and DMAnDSA registers, respectively.

When the DMA message transfers are in progress, the DMAnSPTR and DMAnDPTR registers contain the current Address Pointers for each source read and destination write operation. These registers are modified after each transaction based on the Address mode selection bits.

The SMODE and DMODE bits determine the Address modes of operation by controlling how the DMAnSPTR and DMAnDPTR registers are updated after every DMA data transaction (Figure 1).

Each address can be separately configured to:
Figure 1. DMA Pointers Block Diagram

The DMA can initiate data transfers from the PFM, Data EEPROM or SFR/GPR space. The SMR bits are used to select the type of memory being pointed to by the Source Address Pointer. The SMR bits are required because the PFM and SFR/GPR spaces have overlapping addresses that do not allow the specified address to uniquely define the memory location to be accessed.

  1. 1.For proper memory read access to occur, the combination of address and space selection must be valid.
  2. 2.The destination does not have space selection bits because it can only write to the SFR/GPR space.