Oscillator Control Register 2
  1. 1.The RSTOSC value is the value present when user code execution begins. Refer to the RSTOSC Configuration bits or the RSTOSC selection table for the Reset Oscillator selections.
0x07B 8        


Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
    COSC[2:0] CDIV[3:0]  
Access    R R R R R R R  
Reset    f f f f f f f  

Bits 6:4 – COSC[2:0]: Current Oscillator Source Select (read-only)(1)

Current Oscillator Source Select (read-only)(1)

Indicates the current oscillator source per the NOSC/COSC Clock Source Selection Table.

Bits 3:0 – CDIV[3:0]: Current Divider Select (read-only)

Current Divider Select (read-only)

Indicates the current postscaler divider ratio per the NDIV/CDIV Clock Divider Table.