Auto Update on a Pre-programmed Device

Auto update is also initiated through system services on a pre-programmed device. If the device is preprogrammed, it compares the update image with the currently programmed image. If the version of the update image is found to be different from the currently programmed version, auto update programming is initiated.

To perform auto update on a preprogrammed device, the user application must initiate a system service request. The system controller executes the system service request and programs the device.

The user application cannot obtain the status code in the following scenarios:

The following table lists the fields in an auto update system service request.

Table 1. Auto Update System Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description
15:7 Reserved.
6:0 46H Auto update programming command.

When auto update is not enabled in the user design, the auto update system service can be used to update the device with the newest image using the user application.

Note: Auto update system service does not generate an error if SPI controller is not in the master mode.