SAM V71 Xplained Ultra


SAM V71 Xplained Ultra features one external IS42S16100E-7BLI, 512Kx16x2, 144MHz, SDRAM. The SDRAM is connected to chip select NCS1. SDRAM access can be configured in the SDRAM Controller in the SAM V71. Table 1 lists all I/O-lines connected to the SDRAM.


Due to the maximum communication speed of 144MHz in the on-board SDRAM and stubs created by the routing to the LCD connector (EXT4), the SDRAM is accessible up to 133MHz with the GPIO configured in low-drive mode. With GPIO configured as high drive or with a cable connected to the LCD connector the maximum communication speed is lowered further. See EBI Signal Integrity for more information.

Table 1. SDRAM Connections
SAM V71 pin Function SDRAM function Shared functionality
PC00 D0 Data line 0 LCD
PC01 D1 Data line 1 LCD
PC02 D2 Data line 2 LCD
PC03 D3 Data line 3 LCD
PC04 D4 Data line 4 LCD
PC05 D5 Data line 5 LCD
PC06 D6 Data line 6 LCD
PC07 D7 Data line 7 LCD
PE00 D8 Data line 8 LCD and Shield
PE01 D9 Data line 9 LCD
PE02 D10 Data line 10 LCD
PE03 D11 Data line 11 LCD and Shield
PE04 D12 Data line 12 LCD and Shield
PE05 D13 Data line 13 LCD and Shield
PA15 D14 Data line 14 LCD
PA16 D15 Data line 15 LCD
PC20 A2 Address line 0  
PC21 A3 Address line 1  
PC22 A4 Address line 2  
PC23 A5 Address line 3  
PC24 A6 Address line 4  
PC25 A7 Address line 5  
PC26 A8 Address line 6  
PC27 A9 Address line 7  
PC28 A10 Address line 8  
PC29 A11 Address line 9  
PD13 SDA10 Address line 10  
PA20 BA0 Bank select line 0  
PD23 SDCK Clock  
PD14 SDCKE Clock Enable  
PC15 SDCS Chip Select  
PD16 RAS RAS Shield
PD29 SDWE Write Enable  
PD15 NWR1/NBS1 UDQM Shield