SAM V71 Xplained Ultra

QSPI Flash

The SAM V71 Xplained Ultra features one external SPANSION, S25FL116K, 2MB, QSPI Flash. QSPI Slash access can be configured in the QSPI module in the SAM V71. Table 1 lists all I/O-lines connected to the QSPI Flash.

Table 1. QSPI Flash Connections
SAM V71 pin Function QSPI Flash function Shared functionality
PA13 QIO0 Slave In/IO0  
PA12 QIO1 Slave Out/IO1  
PA17 QIO2 Write Protect/IO2  
PD31 QIO3 Hold/IO3 Camera
PA14 QSCK Clock  
PA11 QCS Chip Select