SAM V71 Xplained Ultra

Zero Ohm Resistors

SAM V71 Xplained Ultra has several zero ohm resistors that can be used to disconnect I/O pins of the ATSAMV71Q21 from connectors and on-board ICs and to disconnect power signals. All Arduino pin numbers are listed in Arduino Connectors. Table 1 lists all zero ohm resistors on the kit. Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows where they are located.

Info: Note from Table 1 that there are some zero ohm resistors that aren't mounted by default on the kit.
Table 1. Zero Ohm Resistors
Designator Mounted From To Comment
R109 Yes V_SUPERCAP U101_8 Supercap voltage to U101
R112 No U101_8 Arduino VBAT pin Power, J501 pin 1
R200 Yes PD11 Audio IRQ  
R201 Yes PB00 EXT1 pin 13  
R202 Yes PB01 EXT1 pin 14  
R203 Yes PD28 LCD connector pin 44 IRQ1
R207 Yes PB01 Arduino pin 14 Communication, J505
R208 Yes PB00 Arduino pin 15 Communication, J505
R209 Yes PD26 EXT2 pin 8  
R211 Yes PB01 Arduino pin 23 Digital Extra, J507
R213 Yes PB00 Arduino pin 24 Digital Extra, J507
R215 Yes PD26 Arduino pin 54 Analog low, J502
R216 No PE00 Arduino pin 59 Analog low, J502
R217 No PE03 Arduino pin 60 Analog low, J502
R218 No PE04 Arduino pin 61 Analog low, J502
R219 Yes PD24 Arduino pin 62 Analog high, J504
R220 Yes PA10 Arduino pin 63 Analog high, J504
R221 Yes PA22 Arduino pin 64 Analog high, J504
R222 No PE05 Arduino pin 65 Analog high, J504
R223 Yes PD24 Audio RF  
R224 Yes PB01 Audio TK  
R225 Yes PA22 Audio RK  
R226 Yes PB00 Audio TF  
R228 Yes PA10 Audio RD  
R229 Yes PD26 Audio TD  
R230 Yes PD21 PLL clock input  
R234 Yes PD16 Arduino pin 16 Communication, J505
R400 Yes PB06 (SWDIO) ARM JTAG  
R401 Yes PB07 (SWCLK) ARM JTAG  
R800 Yes Audio Headphone jack  
R802 Yes Audio Headphone jack  
R806 Yes Microphone jack Audio  
R811 Yes Microphone jack Audio  
R814 Yes GND Audio GND  
R815 Yes GND Audio GND  
R816 Yes GND Audio GND  
R818 Yes GND PLL AD0 I2C address select
R819 Yes VCC_P1V8 Audio DCVDD  
R920 Yes VCC_P3V3 VCC_EDBG_P3V3  
Figure 1. Zero Ohm Resistors Top
Figure 2. Zero Ohm Resistors Bottom