SAM V71 Xplained Ultra

Hardware Identification System

All Xplained Pro compatible extension boards have an Atmel ATSHA204 CryptoAuthentication chip mounted. This chip contains information that identifies the extension with its name and some extra data. When an Xplained Pro extension is connected to an Xplained Pro MCU board the information is read and sent to Atmel Studio. The Atmel Kits extension, installed with Atmel Studio, will give relevant information, code examples, and links to relevant documents. Table 1 shows the data fields stored in the ID chip with example content.

Table 1. Xplained Pro ID Chip Content
Data field Data type Example content
Manufacturer ASCII string Atmel'\0'
Product Name ASCII string Segment LCD1 Xplained Pro'\0'
Product Revision ASCII string 02'\0'
Product Serial Number ASCII string 1774020200000010’\0’
Minimum Voltage [mV] uint16_t 3000
Maximum Voltage [mV] uint16_t 3600
Maximum Current [mA] uint16_t 30