SAM V71 Xplained Ultra

Mechanical Buttons

SAM V71 Xplained Ultra contains three mechanical buttons. One button is the RESET button connected to the SAM V71 reset line and the others are generic user configurable buttons. When a button is pressed it will drive the I/O line to GND.

Info: There are no pull-up resistors connected to the generic user buttons, remember to enable the internal pull-up in the SAM V71 to use the button.
Info: PB12 is set up as a system flash ERASE pin when the firmware boots. To use the SW1, PB12 has to be configured as a normal regular I/O pin in the MATRIX module. For more information, see the SAM V71 datasheet.
Table 1. Mechanical Buttons
SAM V71 pin Function Shared functionality
RESET RESET Trace, Shield, and EDBG
PA09 SW0 EDBG GPIO and Camera
PB12 SW1 EDBG SWD and Chip Erase