Conversion Triggers

A conversion is started by one of the following triggers, depending on the configuration of the START bit field in the Command (ADCn.COMMAND) register:

Continuously repeating Single conversions or Burst accumulations can be enabled by writing a ‘1’ to the FREERUN bit in the Control F (ADCn.CTRLF) register before starting the first conversion. This bit has no effect for Series accumulations.

An ongoing conversion can be aborted by writing the STOP value to the START bit field in the Command register, and a new conversion can be started immediately. Triggering a new conversion before the ongoing conversion has finished will set the Trigger Overrun Interrupt (TRIGOVR) flag in the Interrupt Flags (ADCn.INTFLAGS) register, and the trigger will be ignored.

The Result Ready and Sample Ready (RESRDY and SAMPRDY) interrupt flags in the Interrupt Flags register show if a conversion or accumulation has finished. These flags also trigger the corresponding interrupts if enabled in the Interrupt Control (ADCn.INTCTRL) register.