Peripherals Power Consumption

The table below can be used to calculate the additional current consumption for the different I/O peripherals in the various operating modes.

Some peripherals will request the clock to be enabled when operating in STANDBY. See the peripheral section for further information.

Operating conditions:
Table 1. Peripherals Power Consumption
Peripheral Conditions Typ.(1) Unit
BOD Continuous 19 µA
Sampling @ 1 kHz 1.2
TCA 16-bit count @ 1 MHz 13 µA
TCB 16-bit count @ 1 MHz 7.4 µA
RTC 16-bit count @ OSCULP32K 1.2 µA
WDT (including OSCULP32K) 0.7 µA
OSC20M   130 µA
AC Low-Power mode disabled(2) 92 µA
Low-Power mode enabled(2) 45
ADC(3) CLK_ADC = 1MHz, VREF = Internal 2.048V 380 µA
XOSC32K CL = 7.5 pF 0.5 µA
OSCULP32K   0.4 µA
USART Enable @ 9600 Baud 13 µA
SPI (Host) Enable @ 100 kHz 2.1 µA
TWI (Host) Enable @ 100 kHz 24 µA
TWI (Client) Enable @ 100 kHz 17 µA
Flash programming Erase Operation 1.5 mA
Write Operation 3.0
  1. 1.Current consumption of the module only. To calculate the total internal power consumption of the microcontroller, power consumption values of all the peripherals and the clock sources used must be added to the base power consumption given in the Power Consumption section in electrical characteristics.
  2. 2.CPU in Standby mode.
  3. 3.Average power consumption with ADC active in Free-Running mode.