Peripheral Address Map

The address map shows the base address for each peripheral. For complete register description and summary for each peripheral, refer to the respective peripheral sections.

Table 1. Peripheral Address Map
Base Address Name Description
0x0000 VPORTA Virtual Port A
0x0004 VPORTB Virtual Port B
0x0008 VPORTC Virtual Port C
0x001C GPIO General Purpose I/O registers
0x0030 CPU CPU
0x0040 RSTCTRL Reset Controller
0x0050 SLPCTRL Sleep Controller
0x0060 CLKCTRL Clock Controller
0x0080 BOD Brown-out Detector
0x00A0 VREF Voltage Reference
0x0100 WDT Watchdog Timer
0x0110 CPUINT Interrupt Controller
0x0120 CRCSCAN Cyclic Redundancy Check Memory Scan
0x0140 RTC Real-Time Counter
0x0180 EVSYS Event System
0x01C0 CCL Configurable Custom Logic
0x0400 PORTA Port A Configuration
0x0420 PORTB Port B Configuration
0x0440 PORTC Port C Configuration
0x05E0 PORTMUX Port Multiplexer
0x0600 ADC0 Analog-to-Digital Converter
0x0680 AC0 Analog Comparator 0
0x0800 USART0 Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter 0
0x0820 USART1 Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter 1
0x08A0 TWI0 Two-Wire Interface
0x08C0 SPI0 Serial Peripheral Interface
0x0A00 TCA0 Timer/Counter Type A instance 0
0x0A80 TCB0 Timer/Counter Type B instance 0
0x0A90 TCB1 Timer/Counter Type B instance 1
0x0F00 SYSCFG System Configuration
0x1000 NVMCTRL Nonvolatile Memory Controller
Table 2. System Memory Address Map
Base Address Name Description
0x1100 SIGROW Signature Row
0x1280 FUSE Device specific fuses
0x128A LOCKBIT Lock bits
0x1300 USERROW User Row