Oscillator Configuration
The default value given in this fuse description is the factory-programmed value, and should not be mistaken for the Reset value.
  0x02 8 - 0x7E    

Oscillator Configuration

Bit  7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0  
  OSCLOCK           FREQSEL[1:0]  
Access  R           R R  
Reset  0           1 0  

Bit 7 – OSCLOCK: Oscillator Lock

Oscillator Lock

This fuse bit is loaded to LOCK in CLKCTRL.OSC20MCALIBB during reset.
0 Calibration registers of the 20 MHz oscillator are accessible
1 Calibration registers of the 20 MHz oscillator are locked

Bits 1:0 – FREQSEL[1:0]: Frequency Select

Frequency Select

These bits select the operation frequency of the 20 MHz internal oscillator (OSC20M) and determine the respective factory calibration values to be written to CAL20M in CLKCTRL.OSC20MCALIBA and TEMPCAL20M in CLKCTRL.OSC20MCALIBB.
0x0 Reserved
0x1 Run at 16 MHz
0x2 Run at 20 MHz
0x3 Reserved