tinyAVR® 2 Family Overview

The figure below shows the tinyAVR® 2 family devices, laying out pin count variants and memory sizes.
  • Vertical migration is possible without code modification, as these devices are fully pin and feature compatible
  • Horizontal migration to the left reduces the pin count and, therefore, the available features
Figure 1. tinyAVR® 2 Family Overview

Devices with different flash memory sizes typically also have different SRAM and EEPROM.

The name of a device in the tinyAVR® 2 family is decoded as follows:

Figure 2. tinyAVR® 2 Family Device Designations
Note: The Tape & Reel identifier only appears in the catalog part number description. Use this identifier for ordering purposes. Check with your Microchip Sales Office for package availability with the Tape and Reel option.
Note: The VAO variants have been designed, manufactured, tested, and qualified per AEC-Q100 requirements for automotive applications. These products may use a different package than non-VAO parts and have additional specifications in their Electrical Characteristics.