Operation Modes

The ADC supports six different operation modes, with differential and single-ended conversions possible for each mode. This is configured in the Command (ADCn.COMMAND) register.

The operation modes can be split into three groups:

Series and Burst modes utilize 12-bit conversions and can be configured with or without scaling of the accumulated result. The number of samples to accumulate is controlled by the SAMPNUM bit in the Control F (ADCn.CTRLF) register. The accumulator is always reset to zero when a new Series or Burst accumulation is started.

The table below shows an overview of the available operation modes.

Table 1. Operation Modes
Operation Mode COMMAND Mode Conversions Per Trigger Accumulation Type RESULT Update
Single 8-bit 0 1 N/A Every conversion
Single 12-bit 1
Series Accumulation 2 1 Full After SAMPNUM conversions
Series Accumulation with Scaling 3 Scaled
Burst Accumulation 4 SAMPNUM Full After SAMPNUM conversions
Burst Accumulation with Scaling 5 Scaled