Multi-Voltage I/O

This additional Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO) power supply input pin and corresponding grounding pin must be treated the same way as any other power supply pin pair: Connect a separate decoupling capacitor to the pin pair, and keep the trace distance from the pins as short as possible. Each supply pin and its corresponding ground pin must have a decoupling capacitor if more than one MVIO power supply pin.

The following figure shows the recommendation for connecting a power supply to the VDDIO2 pin(s) of the device.

Figure 1. Recommended VDDIO2 Connection Circuit Schematic
Important: For systems that frequently cycle VDDIO2 or experience fast VDDIO2 transients, it is recommended to add a decoupling capacitor (C3) if the power supply slew rate exceeds the slew rate limits. Refer to the Supply Voltage section in the Electrical Characteristics for details about the power supply's slew rate limits.