Standard Operating Conditions

For all other device characteristics to be valid, the device must operate within the ratings listed in this section.
Table 1. General Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage VDDMIN ≤ VDD ≤ VDDMAX
Operating Temperature TA_MIN ≤ TA ≤ TA_MAX
The standard operating conditions for any device are defined as follows:
Table 2. Standard Operating Conditions
Parameter Ratings Units
VDD — Operating Supply Voltage(1)
Industrial and Extended temperature VDDMIN +1.8 V
TA — Operating Ambient Temperature Range
Industrial temperature TA_MIN -40 °C
TA_MAX +85 °C
Extended temperature TA_MIN -40 °C
TA_MAX +125 °C
  1. 1.Refer to the Supply Voltage parameter in Supply Voltage.