Memory Programming Specifications

Table 1. Memory Programming Specifications
Symbol Description Min. Typ.✝ Max. Unit Conditions
Data EEPROM Memory Specifications
ED* Data EEPROM byte endurance 100k Erase/Write cycles -40°C ≤ TA ≤ +85°C
tD_RET Characteristic retention 40 Year Provided no other violated specifications
VD_RW VDD for Read or Erase/Write operation VDDMIN VDDMAX V  
ND_REF* Total Erase/Write cycles before refresh 1M 4M Erase/Write cycles -40°C ≤ TA ≤ +85°C
tD_CE Byte/Multibyte/Full EEPROM Erase time 10 10.5 ms  
tD_WRE Byte Write time 70 75 μs  
tD_BEW Byte Erase and Write time 10.07 ms  
Program Flash Memory Specifications
EP* Flash memory cell endurance 1k Erase/Write cycles  
tP_RET Characteristic retention 40 Year  
VP_RD VDD for Read operation VDDMIN VDDMAX V  
VP_REW VDD for Erase/Write operation VBOD(1) VDDMAX V  
tP_CE Chip Erase time 11 11.6 ms  
tP_PE Page Erase time 10 10.5 ms  
tP_WRD Byte/Word Write time 70 75 μs  

Data in the “Typ.” column is at TA = 25°C and VDD = 3.0V unless otherwise specified. These parameters are not tested and are for design guidance only.

* These parameters are characterized but not tested in production.

  1. 1.During Chip Erase, the Brown-out Detector (BOD) configured with BODLEVEL0 is forced ON. The erase attempt will fail if the supply voltage VDD is below VBOD for BODLEVEL0.