Figure 1. USART in SPI Mode - Timing Requirements in Host Mode
Figure 2. USART in SPI Mode - Timing Requirements in Client Mode
Table 1. USART in SPI Host Mode - Timing Specifications
Symbol Description Min. Typ.✝ Max. Unit Condition
fSCK * SCK clock frequency 10 MHz  
TSCK * SCK period 100 ns  
tSCKW SCK high/low width 0.5×TSCK ns  
tMIS MISO setup to SCK 10 ns  
tMIH MISO hold after SCK 10 ns  
tMOS MOSI setup to SCK 0.5×TSCK ns  
tMOH MOSI hold after SCK 1.0 ns  

Data in the “Typ.” column is at TA = 25°C and VDD = 3.0V unless otherwise specified. These parameters are not tested and are for design guidance only.

* These parameters are characterized but not tested in production.