Displaying the Flat Post-Compile Cone View

When the Flat Post-Compile Cone view has finished loading, unlike the other three views, nothing is drawn in the canvas.

Figure 1. Flat Post-Compile Cone View when Loaded— No Design Object Added

Opening a design in the Flat Post-Compile view may incur a runtime penalty. This cone view loads the same AFL netlist source file as the Flat Post-Compile view. However, this cone view, unlike the Flat Post-Compile view, draws nothing until you select a part of the design you want to display. This reduces the runtime penalty associated with drawing a large netlist for display.

This view is useful when a small or critical part of a very large design needs to be examined. Design objects that can be selected for display in this view include:
  • Nets
  • Ports
  • Macros
  • Components
To display design objects in the Flat Post-Compiled Cone view, right-click the design object (Nets, Macro, Ports, or Component) in the Design Tree and select Load Selection. The design object is added to the view.
Figure 1. Flat Post-Compile Cone View— Design Objects Added