Visual or Mechanical Failure

Visual or mechanical failures are related to the failures or damages external to the devices. Hence your claim is valid if you file the case immediately after the incoming inspection (prior to any other processing of the devices). If you handled the device besides the incoming inspection, your claim is forfeited.

Follow the below instructions to address visual or mechanical failures for all devices:

  1. 1.Open a case through Customer Portal -
  2. 2.Attach the completed FA checklist (fill in the “Visual Mechanical” tab) in the case opened through Customer Portal).
  3. 3.Attach pictures of the failed devices. Do not mark the devices with sticky paper, rather take clear pictures and mark the picture to highlight the area of concern.
  4. 4.Attach pictures of the outer box.
  5. 5.The Technical Support team will respond with RMA instructions after the investigation.