Intel HEX

Intel HEX is a standard file format created by Intel. Intel HEX files end with a HEX or IHX extension (for example, file2.hex or file3.ihx).

Memory contents are stored in ASCII files using hexadecimal characters. Each file contains a series of records (lines of text) delimited by new line, ā€˜\nā€™, characters and each record starts with a ā€˜:ā€™ character. For more information about this format, see the Intel HEX Record Format Specification document on the web (search for Intel Hexadecimal Object File for several examples).

The Intel HEX record is composed of five fields arranged as follows:



Note: Configurator organizes data according to big Endian sequence. Intel HEX format requires byte-aligned port widths (for more information, see section Write Port Width Alignment).