Bulk Erase

The Bulk Erase command is used to completely erase different memory regions. The area selection is a bit field in the payload.

By setting the following bits of the payload, the corresponding memory regions can be bulk erased. Setting multiple bits is valid.

  1. 1.Bit 0: Data EEPROM
  2. 2.Bit 1: Flash memory
  3. 3.Bit 2: User ID memory
  4. 4.Bit 3: Configuration memory
Important: If the device is code-protected and a Bulk Erase command for the Configuration memory is issued, all other regions are also bulk erased.

After receiving the Bulk Erase command, the erase will complete after the time interval, TERAB. See Figure 1 for the Bulk Erase command structure.

Figure 1. Bulk Erase Memory