Device Configuration Information (DCI)

The Device Configuration Information (DCI) is a dedicated region in the memory that holds information about the device, which is useful for programming and bootloader applications. The data stored in this region are read-only and cannot be modified/erased. Refer to the table below for complete DCI table addresses and description.

Table 1. Device Configuration Information
Address Name Description Value Units
PIC18F04/14Q41 PIC18F05/15Q41 PIC18F06/16Q41
3C 0000h ERSIZ Erase page size 128 Words
3C 0002h WLSIZ Number of write latches per row 0 Words
3C 0004h URSIZ Number of user-erasable pages 64 128 256 Pages
3C 0006h EESIZ Data EEPROM memory size 512 Bytes
3C 0008h PCNT Pin count 14/20 14/20 14/20 Pins