Pin Utilization

Five pins are needed for ICSP programming. The pins are listed in the table below. For pin locations and packaging information, refer to the table in the “Appendix B” section.

Table 1. Pin Descriptions During Programming
Pin Name During Programming
Function Pin Type Pin Description
ISCPCLK ICSPCLK I Clock Input – Schmitt Trigger Input
ISCPDAT ICSPDAT I/O Data Input/Output – Schmitt Trigger Input
MCLR/VPP Program/Verify mode I(1) Program Mode Select
VDD VDD P Power Supply
VSS VSS P Ground

Legend: I = Input, O = Output, P = Power

  1. 1.The programming high voltage is internally generated. To activate the Program/Verify mode, high voltage needs to be applied to the MCLR input. Since the MCLR is used for a level source, MCLR does not draw any significant current.