Installing the Library

The following instructions describe how to install the MCC plugin and the RN4870|1 BLE Library in MPLAB X IDE.

To install the MPLAB® Code Configurator Plugin:

  1. 1.In MPLAB X IDE, select Plugins from the Tools menu.
  2. 2.Select the Available Plugins tab.
  3. 3.Check the box for the MPLAB® Code Configurator and click on Install.

To install the Melody CryptoAuthentication Library:

  1. 1.Open MCC in MPLAB® X
  2. 2.In the Content Type window, select MCC Melody
  3. 3.Under Optional Content, go to Optional Content → Libraries
  4. 4.Tick the box next to RN4870|1 BLE Library and click Finish
  5. 5.In the Content Manager window, select the latest version or the preferred version of the Library and click Apply.