LoRa Modulation Connection Type

This section captures the power profile of the WLR089 device under LoRa connection type communication and highlights the profile on the following scenarios:

Note: Use the radio level commands to set the attributes to profile the scenarios, available in the WLR089U0 radio utility firmware (Radio Utility>Radio Utility WLR089 Ver 2.00).

The following table provides the radio attribute settings considered to profile the data transmission and data reception scenarios under the LoRa modulation connection type.

Table 1. Radio Attribute Settings to Profile the Data Transmission and Data Reception


Setting Value

Command Used


LoRa (default)

radio set mod lora


868100000 (default)

radio set freq 868100000

Spreading factor

SF7 (default)

radio set sf sf7

Preamble length

8 (default)

radio set prlen 8

Coding rate

4/5 (default)

radio set cr 4/5


41.7 (default)

radio set afcbw 41.7


on (default)

radio set crc on


25 (default)

radio set rxbw 25


off (default)

radio set iqi off


off (default)

radio set pa off


34 (default)

radio set sync 34

Bandwidth (bw)

125 kHz (data transmission scenario and data reception scenario 1) default

radio set bw 125

250 kHz (data reception scenario 2)

radio set bw 250

TX power (pwr)

1 (data reception scenario 1 and data reception scenario 2) default

radio set pwr 1

15 (data transmission scenario)

radio set pwr 15

Note: When PA Boost is turned off, the actual output power for the TX power setting considered for transmission and reception scenarios are as follows.
Table 2. TX Power Setting for Transmission and Reception Scenarios

TX Power Setting

Output Power (dBm)





For more details on the actual output power to the TX power setting value, refer to the SAM R34/R35 and WLR089U0 Radio Utility Commands Reference Manual (DS70005376).

Note: The SAM R34/R35 and WLR089U0 Radio Utility Commands Reference Manual (DS70005376) is available inside the WLR089U0 (SAMR34 Module) Reference Design Package.