Repairs and Enhancements

# Description Fixed versions
  • Updated the implementation of the Data Streamer Driver where the user defined variables are now stored in a struct.
  • Users can now generate their own struct in the main.c file and use it as the parameter of the API Data_Streamer_PackageSet().
  • Users are now no longer required to include the data_streamer.h file in the main.c file to use the APIs.
  • Updated Read Me Content.

Feature Improvement

# ID Description Device(s)
1 CC8SCRIP-7135 Variables are now generated in a struct. All supported devices
2 CC8SCRIP-8572 Updated the imports to get the latest UART Interface. All supported devices


# ID Description Device(s)
1 CC8SCRIP-9381 Missing Data Visualizer from Library Tab in Device Resources. AVR64DDxx
2 CC8SCRIP-7846 Unable to send multiple data in the data streamer. PIC16F171xx
3 CC8SCRIP-7827 Data Streamer and UART3PLIB invoke warning about Parity and DataSize. PIC18FxxQ40
4 CC8SCRIP-4708 "DataVisualizer_SendFrame" does not clear TX Complete at the start, nor waits for TxReady before sending the START and END bytes. All supported devices
5 CC8SCRIP-4403 The "DataVisualizer_SendValue" does not wait for the tx to be ready before writing new data to register. tinyAVR® 2
6 CC8SCRIP-3104 Data Streamer Driver wrong sequence of USARTx list. AVR DB
7 CC8SCRIP-7828 Code generated for Data Streamer will not work. All supported devices