Connecting a SAM-ICE to an Xplained Pro Board

Xplained Pro kits featuring a 10-pin 50mil debug connector can use external debug tools like SAM-ICE or Atmel-ICE instead of the built-in EDBG. Devices using SWD interface on-board will have a connector with the pinout compatible with the Cortex Debug Connector.

You can connect the SAM-ICE to the debug connector on an Xplained Pro using either an Atmel-ICE adapter, SAM-ICE adapter, or a 10-pin 50-mil header to squid cable. When using a squid cable, see the table and figures below for how to connect the SAM-ICE to the Xplained Pro board.
Table 1. Squid Cable Connections
Squid Cable pin SAM-ICE pin
1 (VCC) 1 (VTref)
3 (GND) 4 (GND)
5 (GND) 6 (GND)
6 (SWO/TDO) 13 (TDO) (1)
7 (Not used)  
8 (Not used)  
9 (Not used)  
10 (RESET) 15 (RESET)
  1. 1.Optional, if the device has this functionality.
Figure 1. SAM-ICE using a Squid Cable
Figure 2. SAM-ICE using an Atmel-ICE Adapter

If contention with the on-board EDBG occur, power the Xplained Pro board from another input like the external power header or from the target USB. Physically removing the connection between the EDBG and the debug header by removing 0Ω resistors, where available, or cutting the tracks to the EDBG can also be done.