Absolute Maximum Ratings

The values listed in this section are the ratings that can be peaked by the device, but not sustained without causing irreparable damage to the device.

Table 1. ATWINC15x0B Absolute Maximum Ratings
Characteristic Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Core supply voltage VDDC -0.3 1.5 V
I/O supply voltage VDDIO -0.3 5.0
Battery supply voltage VBATT -0.3 5.0
Digital input voltage VIN(1) -0.3 VDDIO
Analog input voltage VAIN (2) -0.3 1.5
ESD Human Body Model VESDHBM(3) -1000, -2000 (see notes below) +1000, +2000 (see notes below)
Storage Temperature TA -40 125 ºC
Junction Temperature 125
RF input power max 23 dBm
  1. 1.VIN corresponds to all the digital pins.
  2. 2.VAIN corresponds to the following analog pins: VDD_RF_RX, VDD_RF_TX, VDD_AMS, RFIOP, RFION, XO_N, XO_P, VDD_SXDIG, VDD_VCO.
  3. 3.For VESDHBM, each pin is classified as Class 1, Class 2 or both:
    • The Class 1 pins include all the pins (both analog and digital).
    • The Class 2 pins are all digital pins only.
    • VESDHBM is ±1kV for Class1 pins. VESDHBM is ±2kV for Class2 pins.
CAUTION: Stresses listed in the above table may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only. The functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of this specification is not implied. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect the device reliability.