The Microchip ATWINC15x0B is a single chip IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Radio/Baseband/MAC network controller optimized for low-power mobile applications. The ATWINC15x0B supports single stream 1x1 802.11n mode providing up to 72 Mbps PHY rate. The ATWINC15x0B features a fully integrated Power Amplifier (PA), Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), Switch and Power Management Unit (PMU). The ATWINC15x0B also features an on-chip microcontroller with Flash and RAM memory for system software. The ATWINC15x0B offers very low power consumption while simultaneously providing high performance and minimal bill of materials. The ATWINC15x0B can be interfaced with a host microcontroller (MCU) over Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The only external clock source required for the ATWINC15x0B is a high-speed crystal oscillator with 26 MHz frequency. The ATWINC15x0B is available as a QFN package.

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