Recommended Operating Conditions

The following table provides the recommended operating conditions for ATWINC15x0B.

Table 1. ATWINC15x0B Recommended Operating Conditions(3)
Characteristics Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
I/O supply voltage VDDIO(1) 2.7 3.3 3.6 V
Battery supply voltage VBATT(2) 3.0 3.3 4.2 V
Operating temperature -40 25 85 oC
  1. 1. I/O supply voltage is applied to VDDIO_A and VDDIO pins.
  2. 2. Battery supply voltage is applied to VDD_BATT_PPA, VDD_BATT_PA and VBATT_BUCK pins.
  3. 3.For more details on power connections, refer to Power Management and Table 8.3.