Document Revision History

Note: The data sheet revision is independent of the die revision (Revision bit in the Device Identification register of the Device Service Unit, DSU.DID.REVISION) and the device variant (last letter of the ordering number).
Revision Date Section Changes
B 08/2020 Document Minor updates
Functional Overview
Low-Power Oscillator Added information software implementation requirement for 32.768 kHz clock
Nonvolatile Memory (eFuse) Updated contents and image
  • Updated frequency value from 2472 to 2484 GHz and added a note in Table 1
  • Added a note for FW support of Short GI
External Interfaces
Power Management Updated Figure 1
Electrical Specifications Modified the following sections and regrouped them under Electrical Characteristics from other chapters:
Reference Design
Design Consideration Added new chapter
Table 1 Added new references to Errata Sheet, Reference Design Package, Deriving Application Gain Table Application Note and MCHPRT2 User Guide
A 10/2018 Document
  • Updated from Atmel to Microchip template.
  • Assigned a new Microchip document number. Previous version is Atmel 42487 revision B.
  • Changed document style.
  • Changed the name to incorporate all the ATWINC15x0B devices.
  • Removed references to WAPI security.
Ordering Details
  • Updated ordering code details.
Pinout Information
  • Revised Pin Assignment figure for clarity.
Package Description
  • Corrected tolerance in Package Description table.
  • Revised QFN Package Outline drawing to be clearer.
Power Management
  • Added footnote to Digital I/O pin Behavior in Different Device States table.
  • Updated RF/RMS Core Voltage in PMU Output Voltages table.
External Interfaces
  • Added SPI Pin names to SPI Interface Pin Mapping table.
  • Added section for Chip Reset.
  • Revised timing parameters in SPI Slave Timing Parameter table.
  • Revised RTC drawing in XO connections figure.
  • Revised b Mode number in Receiver Performance table.
  • Revised data and footnotes in Transmit Performance table.
Reflow Profile Information
  • Removed Reflow Profile Information chapter from the datasheet.

Atmel Document Revision History

Rev. B - 03/2016

Section Changes
Package Description
  • Updated device drawing to include note to solder the paddle pad to GND in POD Figure 3-2.
Radio Transmit Performance
  • Revised table in transmit performance Table 7-2.
Power Management
  • Revised Chapter 9 text and current consumption table information in Table 9-2.
  • Removed preliminary numbers note from performance numbers Table 9-2.
Reference Design
  • Updated schematic figure in Figure 10-1.
Reflow Profile Information
  • Added Chapter11 Reflow Profile Information.

Rev.A- 07/2015

Section Changes
  • DS update to RevB offering
  • Changes from WINC1500A (42353D) to WINC1500B:
  • Miscellaneous minor updates and corrections
Features List
  • Added hardware accelerators in feature list (SSL security, IP checksum, OTA security)
  • Corrected Power Down and Doze mode current in Table 9-2 and in feature list
Pinout and Package Information
  • Changed RTC_CLK pad definition from pull-down to pull-up
Electrical Specifications
  • Corrected Table 4-3 and added high-drive pads reference in Table 3-1

WLAN Subsystem
  • Increased instruction RAM size from 128KB to 160KB
  • Updated radio performance in Table 7-1 and Table 7-2
External Interfaces
  • Fixed typos for SPI Slave interface timing in Table 8-6
  • Added second UART, increased UART data rates
  • Updated pin mux table: added new options for various interfaces
  • Improved description of Coexistence interface
  • Changed pin list to add GPIOs 3,4,5,6 - chip pinout identical WINC and WILC
  • Fixed typos for SPI Slave interface timing in Table 8-6
  • Fixed typos for battery supply name: changed from VBAT to VBATT
  • Corrected Table 8-7
Power Management
  • Added VDD_VCO switch and connection in the power architecture
  • Updated power consumption numbers
  • Modified sections 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 to add high-power and low-power modes and current consumption numbers
  • Corrected Power Down and Doze mode current in Table 9-2 and in feature list
Reference Schematic Design
  • Updated reference schematic