Reference Documentation

The following table provides the set of collateral documents to ease integration and device ramp.

Table 1. Reference Documents
Title Content
Platform Getting Started Guide Details how to evaluate the ATWINC15x0 Network Controller Module.
Flash Memory Download Procedure Details the download procedures of firmware, root certificate, gain table values and so on.
ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi Network Controller Software Design Guide Integration guide with a clear description of high-level arch, an overview on how to write a networking application, list all API, parameters and structures.

Features of the device, SPI/handshake protocol between device and host MCU, with flow/sequence/state diagram, timing.

Software Programming Guide (ATWINC15x0) Details the flow chart and how to use each API to implement all generic use cases (for example, start AP, start STA, provisioning, UDP, TCP, HTTP, TLS, p2p, errors management, connection/transfer recovery mechanism/state diagram) - usage and sample application note.
Solder Reflow Recommendation Application Note For more information on Reflow process guidelines, refer to Solder Reflow Recommendation Application Note (DS00233D).
ATWINC15x0B/ATWINC15x0-MR210xB Errata This document details on the anomalies identified in the ATWINC15x0 family of devices.
ATWINC15x0B Reference Design Package This package contains the design collaterals (schematics, Bill of Materials, PCB design source files, Gerber) of the module, evaluation boards and its associated boards for ATWINC51x0B.
ATWINC15x0 – Deriving Application Gain Table Application Note This application note describes the Wi-Fi gain table structure and procedure to derive the application gain table. This document provides further details on the steps to update the device with the gain table.
MCHPRT2 User guide This document provides detailed information about the MCHPRT2 tool, which allows the user to easily configure, evaluate and test an RF system.

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