The following power supply pins for the ATWINC15x0B are sensitive to noise, so the routes to these pins must be isolated from other noisy signals both on the same layer as the route and on the layers above and below. Use a ground between these sensitive signals to isolate them from other signals. It is important that the decoupling capacitors for these supplies are placed as close to the ATWINC15x0B pin as possible. This reduces the trace inductance between the capacitor and the ATWINC15x0B power pin to an absolute minimum:

Additionally, while the VDDC (pin #14 and 27) and VBAT_BUCK (pin #20) supplies are not sensitive to picking up noise, they are noise-generating supplies. Therefore, keep the decoupling capacitors for these supply pins as close as possible to the VDDC and VBAT_BUCK pins and make sure that the routes for these supplies stay far away from sensitive pins and supplies.