Signal with No Noise

Task: The graph will be plotted in Data Visualizer using a DC signal without noise.

In the example code, the configuration of macro definitions is as below:

#define ENABLE_ASDV  0

When a DC signal of 0.6V is connected to ADC input pin PD5, a graph in Data Visualizer is plotted as below.

Note: No noise has been added to the input signal.
Figure 1. DC Signal with No Noise

From the graph, the ADC result value can been seen around 240 and no noise has been observed.

If the graph is zoomed into, it can be seen that the ADC count is 244 (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Zoomed DC Signal with No Noise

The ADC reference voltage is 2.5V and the ADC resolution is 10 bit.

Ideally measured ADC count may be (1023 x 0.6)/2.5 = 245.

Note: Refer to Appendix A: Plotting graph in Data Visualizer.