Demonstrate Noise Filtering

The noise filtering is demonstrated by using an example source code and plotting a graph of ADC samples in Data Visualizer in Atmel Studio.

The example source code generates PWM noise using the TCA timer. This PWM signal is added as noise to the 'signal to be measured', as shown in Figure 1. A DC signal from the potentiometer is used as 'signal to be measured'. This mixed signal (signal + noise signal) is given as input signal to ADC. It will be sampled and the ADC result value is sent through USART to the serial terminal of the Data Visualizer and a graph of the ADC samples is plotted in the Data Visualizer.

Different graphs with different noise filtering configurations such as sample accumulation for 1 or 64 samples, sampling delay, and automatic sampling delay are plotted. From these graphs, it can be observed how the ADC result count range gets reduced when noise is suppressed with configured ADC features.

A detailed explanation is provided in the further sections.