Mi-V Subsystem (Target Version)

The following figure the main components of the Mi-V subsystem.
Figure 1. Mi-V Subsystem (IAP Target)

The Mi-V subsystem executes the following functions:

  1. 1.Send version number: Interrupt to send the version number to the initiator.
  2. 2.Data ready: Interrupt to read the IAP data from LSRAM.
  3. 3.Start IAP authentication: Interrupt to perform authentication.
  4. 4.Start IAP programming: Interrupt to perform IAP.
  5. 5.Clear the sequence: Interrupt to clear the commands and status.

The Mi-V subsystem includes the Mi-V soft processor, CoreGPIO, and CoreSPI IPs, which are configured in the same way as in IAP Initiator.

Note: The CoreAPB3 in IAP Target is configured to have an extra slot for I2C.