Executing Data Loopback

Before executing data loopback, a 10G Ethernet traffic generator must be connected to the SmartSFP+ as shown in the following figure.
Figure 1. Loopback Setup
Note: In this example, Paragon-X Tester was used for generating 10G Ethernet packets and validating the design. Use an equivalent 10G Ethernet packet generator.
Follow these steps to use the GUI for executing the data loopback:
  1. 1.Click the mode switch button to enable the Data Loopback mode. When the Loop mode is selected all the controls related to the IAP mode are disabled and greyed out. See the following figure.
    Figure 2. Switch From IAP to Loop Mode

    Once the Data Loopback mode is enabled, the 10G Ethernet packets are looped back from the SmartSFP+ module to the Traffic generator.