Microchip’s SmartSFP+ is a system-level optical transceiver solution built with the smallest form factor and the lowest power PolarFire FPGA. The SmartSFP+ module combines the flexibility and advantage of data processing and complex data handling operations in a single FPGA device within the module. It saves processing overhead in communication protocols as the data is processed by upper layers running within the module. The SmartSFP+ module supports in-application programming (IAP) which retains its flexibility even after its deployment in end products.

The SmartSFP+ module supports the following key features:
The main components of the SmartSFP+ module are as follows:
The following figure shows the high-level block diagram of the PolarFire SmartSFP+ module.
Figure 1. Block Diagram of the SmartSFP+ Module
This document highlights a prototype solution, in which, the SmartSFP+ module interfaces with the PolarFire Evaluation Kit to demonstrate the following capabilities: