Setting Up the Hardware

This section describes the steps to setup the hardware for programming the PolarFire devices and running the demo.

Follow these steps to setup the hardware:
  1. 1.Ensure that the jumper settings on the PolarFire Evaluation board are same as listed in the following table.
    Table 1. Jumper Setting on PolarFire Evaluation Board
    Jumper Setting
    J18, J19, J20, J21, and J22 Close pins 2 and 3 for programming through FTDI.
    J28 Close pins 1 and 2 for programming through the on-board FlashPro5.
    J4 Close pins 1 and 2 for switching the power manually using SW3.
    J12 Close pins 3 and 4 for 2.5V.
  2. 2.Connect the power supply cable to the J9 connector on the board.
  3. 3.Connect the USB cable from the host PC to J5 (FTDI port) on the board.
  4. 4.Power-up the board using the SW3 slide switch.
  5. 5.Insert the PolarFire SmartSFP+ module in the SFP+ slot on the PolarFire Evaluation board.

    The SmartSFP+ module is switched ON and draws the required power supply via the SFP+ interface.

  6. 6.Connect the external FlashPro6 programmer from the JTAG header on the SmartSFP+ module to the host PC. This is required for programming the MPF200T device on the SmartSFP+ module.

This concludes the hardware setup.

The following figure shows the hardware setup.
Figure 1. Board Setup
  1. USB Connector
  2. Power Connector
  3. ON/OFF Switch
  4. SFP+ RX
  5. SFP+ TX
  6. JTAG Header

The following sections provide information on how to program the iap_target_o design on the MPF200T device, and to program iap_initiator_top design on the MPF300T device.